Fought across the world, the First World War struck deepest at home. Few neighbourhoods, villages, towns or regions emerged untouched by the global conflict of 1914-18. This year’s Anglo-American conference takes as its theme the impact of the First World War on the locality and local institutions, on the family and social life, and on the memorialisation of war in the built environment and in private life.

Co-organised with the British Association of Local History, the Victoria County History and the American Association for State and Local History, the conference aims to be an international festival of local history seen through the lens of war. Our focus is not restricted to the UK, but will cover ‘home fronts’ across the world, including those of Britain’s empire, allies and other combatant nations. The conference is also keen to show-case current research projects relating to the First World War, the teaching of the history of the Great War, and the 1914-18 period in the media, visual arts and museum world then and now. Our plenary lecturers include Jay Winter (Yale), Bill Nasson (Stellenbosch University), John Horne (Trinity College Dublin) and Christine Hallett (Manchester).

On behalf of the Anglo-American conference 2014 Programme Committee:

Mark Connelly (Kent)
Santanu Das (KCL)
David Killingray (Goldsmiths College)
Miles Taylor (IHR)
Kate Tiller (BALH; Kellogg College, Oxford)

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Programme day 1 – Thursday 3rd July
Programme day 2 – Friday 4th July